facebook screensaver on my TV

hi all! i’m scheduled to be receiving my beagleboardXM tomorrow and can’t wait to start tinkering with it!

one of the things i want to try, is to have my beagleboard act as a kind of personalized digital signage - outputting things like facebook photos and status updates. ideally it would be able to do simple slide shows and create motion graphic text elements on the fly (something similar to Flash). i don’t want to use flash (though it sounds like that may be an option in the near future) - but i can’t seem to find a sensible solution for something like this. i’m hoping someone has a suggestion?

goal: network connected personal digital signage capable of motion graphics (moving text and images), slide show and video player

i’ve done quite of bit of web development and video work (editing/motion graphics) and am totally interested in learning something new (espeically something like VVVV, processing, puredata or maybe python) but it looks like there is limited ARM support for most of those…but there must be some obvious answer to this that i’m not seeing. some way to get dynamically created simple-ish graphics on screen while using all the beagleboard goodness…