Failiure to Boot Up. How to Make Correct SD Card?

Plz help!

I am new to beagle board xm. I've just spent several days not have
successfully booted it up.

I used the serial-usb cable to connect the console with the computer.
I used an external 5v power supply and a DVI cable to connect to the
screen. I checked that all the power inputs are correct.

I followed some online tutorials to create a 4GB sd card with one
single FAT32 partition. I put all the files which came together with
the original sd card in this partition (ramdisk.gz, MLO, u-boot.bin,
ulmage, user.scr, ramfs.img) with the MLO file been copied first.
Later I also tried to create two partitions with EXT3 being the second
one, and put the ramdisk.gz file in the latter, but still did not work

I also have ran the minicom in Ubuntu with correct specification. (/
dev/ttyUSB0, /var/lock, 115200 8N1, No, No)
I checked the USB port each time before rerun minicom.

But the problem is every time I ran the minicom it was just stuck
there without showing anything but a wired line of "XXXXX60XXXXX". I
have no idea what has possibly gone wrong with all the settings!

I quite suspect that the SD card was not made properly. Is there
anyone suggesting another way to do the SD card? I'd be so much
appreciate your help!

It sounds like it cannot find the SD card. Does the board work with the SD card that shipped with the board? There is a limit on the size the FAT partition can be so a FAT partiton that consumes a whole card will not work. Also, do not use FAT32. Use FAT only. Follow the instructions found here to get you started.


To get started, you can also follow this set-by-step tutorial:

I would suggest trying to boot the Angstrom Beagleboard Demo Image and
use mkcard.txt to prepare you SD card.