Fan update for BeagleBone AI

Getting closer on getting the BeagleBone Fan Cape boards out. No real ETA. Maybe February. :-/



Some my my message was chopped…

In the meantime, I've found the Coolerguys 25mm USB fan works nicely, but the pass-though USB doesn't pass through data. That means that you can't use a USB camera with it unless you use a Type-C docking station on the other USB.

Also, you have to acquire mounting screws separately.

Oh, and I added a ‘fan’ section to the FAQ:


Nice! I’m looking forward to the release of your fan cape.

So, is the X15FANKIT no longer being recommend for the BBAI? I see on the System Ref. Manual that it now states “Fan, wrong plug for the AI!” and a link to the FAQ has been added since I last checked it.

Oh, on the FAQ, the link to “USB type-C multiport adapter” under Power Cable goes to a smart watch on Amazon.



I have designed a FanCape PCB with 40mm fan for BBAI and the prototype PCB is due back on 03-Jan-2020, it has space for an 8 pin PIC 12F1571 12F1572 12F1612 16F15313 16F18313 to measure temperature with NTC resistor near heat-sink and control a fan by either on/off or PWM, also to emulate Cape EEPROM.


As a temporary measure, I have screwed a 25mm fan with nylon M3 bolts to the processor heat-sink and plugged a 2 by 4, 8 pin header into the P9 pins 1 thru 8 to put 3.3V into this 5V fan. The reported temperature is 38 degrees Celsius.