Fans, Heatsinks, and More?


Luckily, I was a person that purchased a Fan Cape a while back. And because of this luck to purchase, my BeagleV-Ahead stays cool. Phew…

Outside of that idea, did anyone make an additional, CAD part for applying a heatsink to the board or are there heatsinks out there made for this board? I have asked this before today. I never really retrieved an answer from anyone.

I have been backlogged like everyone else in the research but my current research holds true. No heatsink.


P.S. Is No heatsink a real truthful story here? I am asking because I am currently working on RISC-V type programming with GNU gcc and g++ but do not want to create too heavy of a heat with processing the gibberish out of it! Also, while learning about ways to handle the toolchain, I have a concern:

  1. Linux BeagleV 5.10.113-20240130+ #1 SMP PREEMPT Tue Jan 30 14:05:08 UTC 2024 riscv64 riscv64 riscv64 GNU/Linux

  2. Ubuntu 23.04 Xfce Image 2024-01-30

  3. and 2. from above has created a buggy system for me. Very slow to the typing of source I am used to currently. It is like it is missing steps from my key strokes. Anyway, if anyone has another type of image available, as though I am using an incorrect one, please let me know.

Forget it…

I reflashed the board with a known working image I can utilize.

Outside of that idea, I noticed in the git repos in some chats back and forth that the excess heat is just that and the TH1520 can handle ~80 degrees Celsius. I am not perfect with math but older scripts from books and basic research shows this formula for me to understand in Fahrenheit.

(80 × 9/5) + 32

That is around 176 degrees Fahrenheit. That is pretty darn hot for plastics, silicon, and metal to get…

Anyway, since I am a believer and will not test it for now, fans.

Maybe other circuitry cannot handle the excess of heat dissipation around the chip if indeed it overloads with computations.

Done and done.


P.S. I will keep looking for heatsinks so my fan can alleviate future concerns on my part. Just me here…Sat!