Far Reaches Here...Trying an Acorn CNC board with BBG and Looking for Anyone/A Person!


So. I have this build I am performing. It has a BBG attached to the Acorn CNC and some gas laser.

Anyway, the gas laser PSU seems to be outdated and I am keeping it. It works at 24v output from a 115v input. It has other outputs and inputs. I tested each, separate I/O on the PSU and have come to a conclusive idea, e.g. keeping it seems reasonable.

In any light here, I am seeing if anyone has evidence of this PSU on a fslaser H-Series 20" * 12" from around 2015 or a little before that date and time.

I have everything plugged in and am receiving some knocking from within the machine. I am guessing it is motors knocking so far because they are not being commanded well (my current issue).

I am not discussing my current issue at this point in time. I will figure out this knocking of the motors in question.

I am just reaching out to see if others within the community have dealt with the gas laser PSU from fslaser circa 2015 or around that time…


P.S. Oh and a photo!

It is from some company that seems to be hidden online and/or is already out of business. Odd! The PSU is still in awesome condition and controls what I need it to control. Send ideas and any relative debugging of the PSU ideas are very welcomed…

That looks like a very standard PSU for a CO2 laser. I’ve got one of the usual K40 lasers and mine looks similar. This might be a good place to start.

If it isn’t obvious, that thicker red lead near the flyback transformer is the 20kV output to the CO2 laser. It will kill you if you touch it when the laser’s set to fire. It also has capacitors that need some time to discharge after it’s been unplugged. General advice it to not touch it for 24 hours after it’s been unplugged.

My apologies if you’re aware of this already. I’d rather seem a bit condescending that assume you knew and let you hurt yourself. (The fact that the AC input is partially connected in the photo isn’t a great sign to be fair.)

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@Fred27 ,

Hey there…those are loose wires. There is not a connection being made in the photo I provided. So, those bare wires are just going into nothing, i.e. no power to the PSU.

I will check the K40 link provided. Thank you.


P.S. Thank you for providing support on this oddity of a gas laser build with the Acorn CNC.


That link rules! I see now that the 24v output is not for motors but for controller boards. Oops. Now, I know. Thank you!