fast boot


I have this problem from some time now regarding booting time of
angstrom linux on beagle board. am using Xm ver B.

I have tried all combinations of narcisus image builder
still i get 40 sec boot time which is not acceptable at all.
I have checked all things such as mpu rate and all
and mpu rate is 1000

Does anybody done work on booting part.
i wanted a gui boot but only one application would be running.
only usb drivers for basic keyboard , mouse.

swift beagle is great but they use different toolchain
i wanted gcc and gtk.

i dont want to go into building the distribution from scratch like
open embedded

Thanks in advance

Possibly because the images are network-enabled and the boot up is
trying to configure the network but no network is connected. Long boot
up times like this are common in stock distributions when there is no
network connection, especially if you have a GUI running. It's just the
typical usage scenario.

You can either try to connect a network to your board or disable
networking at boot time. How you do the former depends on your board
version and distribution requirements. How you do the latter probably
depends on kernel command line args. Not sure what those might be,

Alternatively, after boot up, you can find the networking init scripts
and disable them.


Actually i will be needing networking only for development
after that once final application is running no need of networking
but i dont think disabling networking will reduce boot time to a lot
of extent
i wanted boot times less than 10 sec and that too with a GUI
it is achievable but has anybody done it before.
as i said i will be requiring on 1 application to be running
continuously on the beagle
board nothing else is required.