Fast booting from SD card


I want to boot beagleboard-xm from SD card.But its deadly slow when booting Android.I know there is option to boot filesystem from usb stick but we dont want it.
So any idea?
better quality sd card will be enough?

Special Computing would be happy to offer a pre-programmed Android SD card to the community.

Known good 8GB microSD Class 10 cards are available blank or with an OS image pre-programmed:


As per the email below I want to order 8GB microSD Card with an OS image Pre Programmed.

But after clicking the link I did not find anything All prices are for blank SD cards.

What is the cost of pre-loaded SD Card?

I’ve beagle board C4. Can I use the 8GB micro SD card.

Please inform.

Just another question Can you supply me with UBUNTU OS.

Awaiting your quick reply.



Price is 15$

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2011/10/31 David Reuben <>

Hi ,

Use SanDisk class 4 SD card, this may help you



Dear Prabhu,