fastest sd card speed class for beagle

been looking at buying a couple SD cards for my beagle (bone). What is the fastest speed rating that the hardware will take advantage of?


take a look at, Steve's writeup.. "class" doesn't necessarily mean anything..


I found this table. Random access speeds may be more important than class.

I believe the hardware will run as fast as the card allows.

Hi, I have repalced the original Kingston card from my beaglebone with
a SanDisk class 4 8Gb and it has a much better perfomance.
Class 10 does not mean its a better card, only for big files it will
have better tranfer rate.
But in this case u need a card that can handle small files more

U can test cards using FDBENCH do the test for 2k block size and
compare different cards to get some conclusions


For performance measurements of quite a large number of SD cards, take
a look around the flashbench-results mailing list on Linaro:

The tool to generate the results is called Flashbench and was written
by Arnd Bergmann:

Class rating means squat (as mentioned above) for embedded Linux use
cases. For decent performance, I've found the SanDisk mobile ultra
microSD cards to be pretty good. Your selection of partition setup
and file system _WILL_MATTER_!

Also see Arnd's good article from lwn: