FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO invalid argument (ioctl) on Linux BB 3.8.13-bone70

Hi guys,

I’m trying to enable double buffering by setting virtual screensize, y-offset and panning with ioctl. But FBIOPUT_VSCREENINFO seems to be an invalid argument (The quick test is “fbset -vyres 960”, which also uses ioctl, to see the error) - As far as i can tell from others who have had the same issue on other platforms, this is due to limitations in the video driver. Which brings me to my question:

Has anyone else experienced this, and is this “corrected” in a later version of the video driver? Also, i’m noticing that that ioctl returns -1 when called with FBIO_WAITFORVSYNC - Could this also be due to driver issues?

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