"fd_set" unknow in debian & QT-5.2.1 (!)

Hello to everyone!

I’m porting my application written in QT-5.2.1 from Texas sdk to debian 2014-04-14.

the most part works well, but I get a Segmentation Fault when I execute that (from libmodbus 3.1.1):
FD_SET(server_socket, &refset);
that is the code:

fd_set refset;
fd_set rdset;

server_socket = modbus_tcp_listen(ctx, NB_CONNECTION);

/* Clear the reference set of socket /
Add the server socket */
FD_SET(server_socket, &refset); —>>> segfault!

the strange things is that if I put my mouse on “fd_set” the popup report:“Anonymous:11 fd_set”, an over “refset” i get"Anonymous:11".

This happens only with the “debian kit” : if I compile my project with an other kit (i.e. Texas with QT-4.8.5, or Android with QT-5.2.1 this no happens

Have you any idea?

My first thoughts, (mostly as this hasn't been published everywhere
yet) but what compiler are you using? With the debian image we have a
"gnueabihf" system, so your "gnueabi" compiler is not going to work

Other then that, I'll have to leave it to the qt experts, I'm not one of them.


Hi Robert
first of all congratulations for everything you do for the community!!!

I’m sorry but I forgot to bring this important detail: I’ve compiled QT with “gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.8-2013.04-20130417_linux.tar” on my host machine,
and libmodbus on target (BBW), then with “gcc (Debian 4.6.3-14) 4.6.3”.
Is this correct?

Can I ask you an other favour? can you see at this other mi post-replay ? I’ve spent weeks over it and I’ve lost hope…

Thanks in advance!

Have a good Sunday!