finally, built beagle demo image on my ubuntu 10.04 system

after at least a couple of months of perpetual breakage, i finally
(after removing the troublesome abiword from the build) managed to
build the beagleboard-demo-image target on my 64-bit ubuntu 10.04
system. whew.

  i know one person who claims that abiword builds just fine on *his*
64-bit ubuntu box but, at this point, i just don't have the interest
or energy to track it down. onward.


p.s. firefox was also a constant culprit but the recent upgrade to
version 3.6.3 fixed that.

What was the magic to remove AbiWord from the image?

the following worked for me:

This sequence would [probably] have done the trick:
   % bitbake angstrom-task-gnome -c clean
   % bitbake beagleboard-demo-image

You didn't increase PR, so changes don't get picked up by the package manager. Rule of thumb: when changing output packages, always bump PR.