fix for "can BeagleBoard-xM be powered over USB"

The FAQ says that " A patched version of the 2.6.39 kernel is currently being implemented to support BeagleBoard validation and is expected to provide the solution" but I can’t find where to see that work.
Where do I find it, and / or how can I help with it? what patches and mailing lists should I be checking?

The -xM cannot really be powered over USB. Unless you don’t use any of the USB ports or especially the Ethernet. Not sure what that patches were unless it was to disable these functions.


What are you "really" trying to achieve? It's real easy to disable
the usb hub, such that you can power the board over usb. But why? Note
since the xM A/B vs the xM C has an inverted pin, knowing which board
you have is important.


I need to have the g_mass_storage module be dynamically loadable on a BeagleBoard XM Rev. C
but I need to not crash if the end-user plugs this in before I have loaded the gadget driver.
sometimes I will need to load a different gadget driver.
I’m not yet ready to make a custom composite driver.

It only crashes if you run out of power. Add a FAQ to your product to
plug in the DC jack "first"..

Otherwise switch to the bbw/bbb.

Or with the xM C, boot with the new "omap3-beagle-xm-ab.dtb" in
v3.15-rc3+ (vs omap3-beagle-xm.dtb) as it'll invert the usb hub thus
disabling it.


but even if I plug in the jack first, if the usb-otg is plugged in to a PC before I load the gadget module, then it panics


What base kernel version?


the 2.6.32 validation kernel

Laughs, good luck finding anyone still on this list that worked on
that kernel...

Just use mainline.


I will see If I can convince the powers that be to spend the time/money moving their custom drivers up to a more recent kernel.

If your dealing with "powers to be" they should contact TI directly
and spend some support $, the community aint touching the 2.6.32 crap!