flash change problem.

Hi all:
I am trying to boot up my board using USB+serial method(beagleboardrecovery) and want’s to write the boot program into the flash.
However,I can’t get the 1Gb flash and have to change a 2Gb one.That is to say,I used a ram+flash chip ‘MT29C2G24MADLAJA-6 IT’ instead of ‘MT29C1G24MADLAJA-6 IT’,and I use a older uboot.
I have boot up through usb and download the u-boot v1 to the external ram and run it,however,it stopped at buswidth verification and print out as follow:

plus:I am sure there is no buswidth problem because the chip is a 16-bit width one.

2010/1/8 zhenzhi wu <wuzhenzhi@gmail.com>