Flashing Angstrom image in Beaglebone Black

I just bought a Beaglebone Black with Debian OS. I have other older BBBs working and I would like to flash the Angstrom OS on the new one BBB, however the method explained at BeagleBoard.org - getting-started doesn’t work. It does work with the latest Debian images but not with the older Debian images or with Ansgstrom images.
What should I do to be able to flash Angstrom?
Thank you very much.

I’ll need to do a write-up on how to update the bootloader/kernel. I started one and got distracted. I’ll take this as a bump.

There is a good chance that kernel is too old and thus will never load the eMMC on the newer board…

Here are the two patches that ancient v3.8.x kernel needs:


I will try to flash the EEPROM applying with those scripts and I will communicate the result.

Thank you very much.

Keep in mind that Angström is completely dead and unmaintained*. It would probably be wise to try to migrate to the latest debian release.

(* not just the beagle images but the entire project: their last release was in 2017 and the website is gone)

I finally got started on this after being bugged enough. This is roughly the process I used to update an old Angstrom image to run one of Robert’s newer kernel images: https://github.com/jadonk/img-kernel-update