Flashing beaglebone black stuck 4 leds flashing

Hi there I have downloaded BeagleBoard.org - latest-images AM3358 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 4GB SD IoT and flashed on a 128 Gb SD, follow the process to reset and load from SDD (also modified before the boot/uEnv.txt).

Put SD on device, push reset button, power device with USB from computer, waited for the leds going up and down… and after some minutes/hours the pattern changes and the four leds start to flash at the same time, but the board never shuts down by itself.

If I shut down and try to connect with ssh debian@ it shows time out after some time.

a repeating 4 ON and 4 OFF is a flashing failure… I noticed you said “power device with USB from computer” Please use a phone charger or a real 5 VDC power connector when flashing… Mostly likely the board is starved for power…


Did try with phone charge 5V 2.1A, but got same result at end

Is there a way to troubleshoot?

To debug this, we need to see what it’s doing over J1: