Flashing BeagleBoneBlack Not Working?

I have successfully flashed a BBB previously, but now when I try to flash a second BBB of mine with any image at all it fails. When I power on the second BBB without holding the boot button the heartbeat comes on and all the LEDs light up occasionally. When I DO hold the boot button, in an attempt to flash the BBB, only the powerlight comes on.

If anyone has accomplished this a few times and thinks they could help, I would greatly appreciate it.

NOTE: My second BBB no matter what doesn’t show up on my network (the network lights do flash though). I am using the same image and SD card I used for the original one that is working. When I plug in a microHDMI the BBB gets to the login screen, but without the ability to flash, ssh or install keybaord drivers I can’t log in…

EDIT: OS: Debian 7.7 ARMHF (eMMC Flasher 10-29) SD Card: 2GB and 16GB Class10 SD FAT32 Active (Using SD → MicroSD adapter)

Odd, can you share your serial boot log (use pastebin.com) when you
try to boot that board with the flasher image.


I may be experiencing something similar. (I might also be completely misunderstanding what to do…)

SD card written with “Debian Image Testing Snapshots, 2014-11-19 BBB Rev C (4GB eMMC) Flasher: lxde: x.yG Free” from elinux.org

(i.e. downloaded with curl onto separate computer, decompressed via unxz, written to SD via dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/sdx)

SD card inserted in BBB with power down and all attachments removed. Boot button depressed while 5 v power plug inserted. Blue power light comes on, but nothing else happens.

BBB boots normally when boot button is not depressed.

I have ordered a standard FTDI cable but don’t have it yet.

If you have an hdmi monitor hooked up, i just finished redirecting the
eMMC flasher's log to /dev/tty0 last friday.

to enable:

mount "flasher" rootfs onto other pc, edit /boot/uEnv.txt:

Add a commit to:


Place the "microsd" back into the bbb, then run, hold down the boot
button, it should boot..

Then: cd /opt/scripts/
git pull

Now go back to: /boot/uEnv.txt and uncomment:


sudo halt..

Now it'll flash the eMMC and the progress will be shown on hdmi.. (the
serial is still much more detailed, but it'll give us an idea of
what's happening..)


Thanks for response. I’m embarrassed to say I had not prepared the SD card correctly. The instructions on elinux.org for rpi helped me.

The image, BBB-eMMC-flasher-debian-jessie-lxqt-armhf-2014-12-19-2gb.img, installed without any help from me as the uEnv.txt edits were automated.

There is still a complaint in the syslog about the file system which I had better chase down, but I have a working Jessie image on the BBB.