Flashing BeagleV from OSX M2 mac

I managed to get the flashing process for the beaglev-ahead board working on my mac and thought I would put up a note here as the docs are missing.

Firstly I used brew to install the andoid tools.

brew install --cask android-platform-tools

Next I navigated to the deploy directory after extracting the downloaded image file and edited the fastboot_emmc.sh file, removing the section at the start which requires root.

# if ! id | grep -q root; then
# 	echo "./fastboot_emmc.sh must be run as root:"
# 	echo "sudo ./fastboot_emmc.sh"
# 	exit
# fi

Then I simply ran this script and it imaged, then booted the board.

Then I installed the tio command which is a pretty neat serial console tool, plugged in a serial to USB converter board to the port on the beaglev-ahead board, located the serial port and connected.

brew install tio
ls -l /dev/tty.*
tio /dev/tty.usbserial-A10442LA

Hopefully these notes help others, now working on getting a yocto build environment up so I can customize the image. :sweat_smile:.

Happy hacking.

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thanks for testing @wolfeidau i’ve added a mac_ version, will add it to all the ci builds… ci: mac users add script (489399a1) · Commits · BeagleV-Ahead / xuantie-ubuntu · GitLab


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