Flashing eMMC from VMware Workstation

Make sure to have USB Compatibility set to 3.1 (rather than the default of 2.0) so that the Brain Actuated USB Download Gadget gets correctly enumerated.

Oh that’s going to be painful…

Installing Android tools on Windows/Mac is also an option…

We need to convert the shell script to a batch file for Windows…


I went down the VMware route as I didn’t have a pure Linux box to hand.

Frustratingly, things seemed to be working (but only if I reset the board again), but after lots of flashing the board still came up in the original Yocto. It was only when I dived into dmesg I could see that the Brain Actuated gadget wasn’t being enumerated, which led me to this post from an ex VMware employee explaining the problem.

I also started down the road of using fastboot on Windows; but the issue there is a lack of Windows drivers for the USB Download Gadget(s).

T-Head has this customized driver: light_deploy_images: tools & images - Gitee.com

I’ll fork that repo and put on our local mirror: BeagleV-Ahead / light_deploy_images · GitLab