Flashing from uSD on Boot

Many of the linux distributions available for the BeagleBone Black have a “flasher” version available (e.g. this Ubuntu distribution). How do they create these images?

I’m working on a project where we will have to very quickly load software onto 15+ BeagleBones. I was hoping that I could create one uSD card that will automatically flash the BeagleBones with a linux distribution and our custom software. I can’t seem to figure out the process though to create such a custom flashing uSD image. Any help?

Thank you!

Well, all the "flasher" image does is calls a shell script on bootup
thru the init system..

flashes eMMC:



Ah hah! That’s perfect. Thank you so much, Robert. That worked like a charm and is super easy.

Thank you for all of the great work that you do!