FlightGear remote Cockpit on BBB in GSoC2016

Hola !

I, Sonal Sharma, hail from Rajasthan province of India. Since my schooling years, I developed an avid Interest in embedded systems and learning new technology and developing and catering needs of smart cities.

I am interested in GSoC 2016 project - FlightGear remote Cockpit on BBB and am highly astonished by this project. Under GSoC 2016, I would like to explore new horizons in the field of Embedded systems and Technology. I have understood the basics of flight gear, worked on Beaglebone Black,can comfortably code in Embedded C,python. I wish if I could get some tasks assigned by mentor so that I can contribute a little bit, I’ll be happy to work on this.

Some of my academic projects include:
>A Voice-Controlled Multi-Functional Smart Home Automation System
>Haptic Shoes(ongoing)
>Fire alarm system using VHDL in vivado
>Smart Phone controlled Home Automation Using BBB
>Animatronic Hand
>Fabrication of Quadcopter

I firmly believe that technology helps to take any society one step advanced and world needs lot of those steps. I would love to help my society with my skill and knowledge to make improvements by introducing new technology.

Thank you.

Hi, Sonal Sharma,

Thank you for choosing this idea !

I need know more about you. by reading your self-instruction I may assume that you have been taught very basis about embedded development, isn’t it? And you have played the Quadcopter too and BBB for home automation too. It very cool and awesome. So, please figure out your Github account, so that I could evaluate your skill.

And have you play FlightGear before? If not, you may download it either from http://www.flightgear.org/download/ or the nightly build version from http://download.flightgear.org/builds/nightly/.

While this idea requires communicating between BBB and FG, so you need familiar both BBB and FG. For FG, I prefer reading the FlightGear Manual just included in the install package or installation directory.

This project is not a difficult one, how about your thinking? And where do you want to start from?