FlyingBone released

I am pleased to announce the first public release of FlyingBone.
Design files can be downloaded from
The repository contains gerber files, KiCad design files and exported BeagleBone
components for use with schematic and PCB designs.

The board can be fabricated using one of the low-cost PCB houses, like
Seeed Studio
or ITead Studio.
To order at Seeed you will need to choose 2-sided 10cm x 10cm board.
100% electric check
is highly recommended (unless you are going to use only half of the
boards, or have too
much spare time and enjoy spending evenings looking for shorts on
proto boards).
The total cost of 10 boards with 100% e-check will be $25+shipping.
For $10 extra, you
can have boards with white solder mask.
ITead has similar prices.

Good luck and happy hacking!

Where can I select the 10 boards option? Seeed is only giving me 100 as minimum :frowning:



Home > Services > Fusion PCB Service
In "Qty" drop-down menu you can select 10, 50 or 100


Can you provide a little more details about this Bone? I don't find
any info in Google.

You mean my board or BeagleBone?


Of course FlyBone. Where there is information about BeagleBone
everyone knows here

Short discussion in the list from a week ago and github.


I'm new to the PCB stuff. Can any of these be opened in EAGLE? if not, can we get some converted files? or at least PDF displays?

You can't read the design in Eagle. If you're beginning your adventure
with designing PCBs, I strongly advise to stay away from Eagle. The
free version is a trap: sooner or later you'll have to design board
which exceeds the limits of the free version and then you'll face the
choice: ditch all your designs, custom components libraries and
experience and design the board with something else, or spend $$$$ on
the commercial version.
It's better to start from the beginning with a tool which gives you
room for expansion.

I will generate PDFs and upload to github later today


Thanks in advance and thanks for the advice!

Can you recommend a good free or inexpensive software that's good for following along and learning more about this area of technology?

KiCad is free, quite powerful and and actively developed. I haven't
shopped for design tools for a long time, but from what I remember,
one of older versions of Protel used to be available for free. I think
you need to google around and see what is available. However, I'd
suggst to give a try to KiCad. I know several people who after playing
a bit with it switched from Eagle.


gEDA anyone?

Would be nice if we had a consesus of which schematic and PCB tool our open source hardware community will use.

Bill Mar
Special Computing

I guess we all have those sort of dreams. I don’t see that happening. It is not like 50% use just one tool. Thee are so many of them and everyone has their preferences.


PDFs are on github.


Hi Jacek,

I have spent some time trying to find appropriate headers for a
beaglebone cape. I looked through sullins website as well as
digikey. Can you point me to where you found a supplier?



If you think about headers appropriate for stacking - I did not find a
supplier. I didn't find any at digikey, I did check sullins. One of
the suppliers recommended by SRM is Major League Electronics, but out
of all of the US distributors listed on their site only Future
Electronics has a usable webs store. Unfortunately they don't carry
connectors with long tails. I found another supplier of suitable
connectors (4conn), but I have no idea who sells their products in
single quantities. Maybe Gerald could help?
If you do not need stacking, any 2.54mm connector should be fine. I'm
going to use drawer-supplied breakaway single row headers, that I
bought once from Ebay. Not the most elegant solution, but worked fine
in my previous projects.


Just a thought. You might want to read the System Reference Manual. There are part numbers listed there.


MLE has more types of connectors that might work for stacking, than
those listed in SRM. I just couldn't find any distributor that sells
them :frowning:


Easy. They are their own distributor. You can go to their website and order them direct. I am working a plan to have these connectors stocked at CircuitCo, but I have not gotten that totally set up.



you're great. I didn't know they were selling directly.