For GSOC: Implementation of ZBOSS Open Source ZigBee stack on Beaglebone

I was looking for projects related to ZigBee on beagleboards. But the restrictions imposed by the ZigBee alliance has prevented the development of an open-source zigbee stack on linux. People are using the 6LowPaN stack instead which is open-sourced.

I found an open-source ZigBee stack developed by DSR Corp. which has been approved by the ZigBee alliance. It supports a wide range of platforms and hence, I am thinking of implementing the stack onto BeagleBone Black for my GSOC project.


  1. Better mesh-networking capabilities.
  2. AES-enabled security features on the zigbee network
  3. Better compatibility with zigbee devices.

I would love to work on this topic if a mentor is willing to take this up.