For Machine Builders that are "past tense!"

BBAI-64 Capes?

Are there any BBAI-64 Capes that are solely directed at this achievement?

I am wondering in case building around LinuxCNC would be an option for people like me who are liking machines for hobby and building exercises…

Outside of me, I would like to see where everyone is currently on what they would like to see…


P.S. Please do not hesitate to post. Maybe we can push and pull around some weight if there are more people than I requesting a Cape for LinuxCNC use or another type of CNC build appliance attachment…


Me! I would like to see it happen. Is this a popular thing or is it too risky for people just jumping in blindly?

I understand that machines are dangerous and cannot be trusted unless a skilled tech. handles the machine in question along w/ the correct supervision but that is usually in the work world. Education and technology go hand in hand (goes together). Maybe a book or two about specifics on older world tech. along w/ transitioning, some (maybe) ways to build your own, and then have it geared towards simplistic ways would be nice.

I know not everything is simple esp. when building appliances and porting new source to hard to read architectures. Give feedback!


I am using the BBAI-64. I removed some items from the board by way of computing. Long story short here…

  1. wireless-regdb was what I thought I needed to have currently.
  2. I erased some files in /lib/firmware/
  3. The USB Fan no longer works…

There is a lot of computing in b/t, before, and after each of the 1 - 3 that I listed above…

Anyway, is there a particular file in question that has USB utilities and such said utilities known? I was thinking if you knew, I could then recount my steps before booting the machine. This way, the heat does not fry the chip.

I will try to find a medium duty fan to eradicate the heat while I search throughout my history.

Please send guidance.


P.S. I have an update already:

sudo rm -rf regulatory.db-debian regulatory.db-upstream regulatory.db.p7s-debian regulatory.db.p7s-upstream

This is the eraser I created that I think finished off the USB Fan abilities for the BBAI-64.


It works again. It is amazing how quickly this machine fixes itself.