For USB Cameras and BBAI-64/Trying to get Edge AI Apps installed and working


I have been trying to get the edge-ai-apps working and I think I am getting close w/ a camera from the USB 3.0 port but…

  1. I am receiving some odd errors.
  2. I installed python3-yaml which helps w/ dependency issues…
  3. I have been reading the pages online for the edge-ai-apps which can be found here: Getting Started — BeagleBoard Documentation


a. Do I need a particular image or can I just install the edge_ai_apps via apt?
b. I have the files on my board
c. My files are located in /opt/

Now, if there are other ideas floating around for USB Cams, please jump in to let me know about where to look if anywhere…


P.S. The error seems, that I see the most, to be cannot access /dev/mem.

We’ll use the BBAI64 _ minimal version as a guide.

#edgeai module install
sudo apt update
sudo apt install ti-edgeai-8.2-base ti-edgeai-8.2-src ti-vision-apps-eaik-firmware-8.2

# Set up the service to access the mcu core
sudo systemctl enable bb-start-vision-apps-eaik-8-2.service
sudo reboot

# minimal doesn't have gstreamer related plugins, so install extra (needed to load webcam)
sudo apt install gstreamer1.0-plugins-good gstreamer1.0-plugins-base gstreamer1.0-plugins-ugly gstreamer1.0-plugins-bad

# Required to load YAML from EDGEAI
sudo pip install pyyaml lark

cannot access /dev/mem.
The above error is caused by not running the service.

sudo systemctl enable bb-start-vision-apps-eaik-8-2.service

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@ALEX_PARK , is the edge_ai_apps location file at /opt/ for USB Cams or CSI-2 cams only?

I have a sort of “fancy” camera from Oak-1 which has a imx378 on it. They have their SDK for it but I was trying to make it work as a normal USB camera attached to the BBAI-64.

So far, my only connection is the camera to the host (imx378 (USB C) to (USB 3.0) BBAI-64) which has resulted in no detection and segmentation faults.

I will invest in another camera soon, i.e. CSI-2. I see Leopard Imaging has an inexpensive, $29.00 Sony styled camera on the market…


P.S. I will be looking into other cameras in the future also. So, yep. If you know how I may get this specific camera w/ the imx378 onboard attached via Linux on the BBAI-64, please jump in again.

I see now:

GstCaps of the device are not allowed or not shown so far. I will need to research this more.

First, let me explain what I experienced.

USB : webcam(4 types)

For USB, it worked fine with no setup.
But. For CSI, it seemed like there should be a file.
imaging.tar (660 KB)

We wanted to try connecting the camera with IMX378 CSI, but it was beyond our capabilities, so we are working on USB type.

[ERROR] Could not get allowed GstCaps of device

The above error means that the output from the .yaml file to kmssink is not displayed because there is no monitor.
Plug in your monitor and run it.
Or try modifying your .yaml to use appsink instead of kmssink.

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@ALEX_PARK , you are right. I have no Micro DP to DP cable to use for it yet. I mean, I have the cable but I was trying w/ a server first. My mistake.


P.S. Thank you.

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