framebuffer device driver for tft LCD


I am new to BBB family and new to linux. learning everything from scratch.

I have taken my graduation project as linux framebuffer driver for TFT LCD. Here i have to interface BBB to TFT LCD, of ILI9325 controller, which can support 8-bit (upto 18-bit) parallel and SPI communication. I am in stuck in interfacing part. Your valuable guidance is need on the same.

Normally uC will have 8 bit ports. so we can access them as individual bits or whole bunch of bits. But in BBB i have seen only GPIO (individual bits and there is no port!). is there any parallel port device available in kernel so that i can handover that device to my FB driver to work? If so, please suggest me any document or sample program on the same which will help me kick start my project.

I am just trying to learn parallel port first before trying with serial. So please suggest me the best approach.

Thanks for your time in advance…

The short answer is that you’ll need to use GPIO pins to serve as a parallel communications bus. The ILI9235 is popular with the Raspberry Pi crowd because of the availability of several small LCD screens that use this chip (like Adafruit’s TFT LCDs), so there is actually some code that you can reference to create a kernel driver for the ILI9235 chips:

Remap the RPi’s GPIO pins to pins on the BBB, interface with the proper physical pins on the BBB, and you should be in good shape.


You may be interested this little project:

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