Free eBook copies of Packt's latest title "Learning BeagleBone" available for review

Hi all,

My name is Sandy Joseph and I work for Packt.

I am pleased to let you all know that we have recently published a book titled, “Learning BeagleBone
Comprising of just 206 pages,this book is ideal for new BeagleBone owners who are looking to quickly get their microboard up and running.

In case anyone is interested in checking out this title and posting a review on and any other site of your choice within 12 days, please write to me at I’ll be glad to provide you with a free eBook for your perusal.

I look forward to your response and thanks for your time reading this mail.

Sandy Joseph

Hello sandy.

Could you perhaps give us an idea of what all this book covers ? Amazon does not seem to have an index of this book. . . But would be more than glad to review the book, if the subject matter is interesting.


I might be able to help with that.

This is intended to be an intro book for those getting started with the
BeagleBone boards.

Things covered:

- The differences between the 4 different Beagle boards (BBC, BBX, BBB, BBW) and
roughly what their strengths are. Focus is on the BBB and BBW as implied by
the title.
- Useful accessories.
- Flashing and basic diagnostics for the board.
- Unboxing and other fundamental steps (connecting to it with
javascript/serial port)
- Exercise to program the board without using Java and turning that into a
sample "product" (creating a startup script, having a very basic web UI).
- Potential expansion paths (precanned and custom stuff along with some common
hook ups like LEDs and relays).
- Options for internet connectivity and their pitfalls
- How booting works.

Ah, ok. So better for someone else to read and review.