Free Up Space on BBB

I have a BBB with angstrom installed. I am updated the system to try to get my wifi working, and I have run out of space after doing opkg update/upgrade. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out what packages I can remove to free up some space. I don’t need the gui, I will be running it as a webserver to controll my home brewery via bonescript. That is about all it will do. Any help would be much appreciated!

If you’re connected to the BBB using the USB cable which uses the Linux gadget driver stuff
that makes the USB into a network that could be the problem. On my BBB while I
have the USB cable from my PC plugged into BBB I’m getting a constant stream of debug
messages, which are going into the log files and filling up the disk. Getting the ethernet
up and working allowed me to switch from using USB to ethernet for ssh (and unplug the PC’s
USB cable from the BBB).

After I got the ether working I could see the debug messages start again as soon as I plugged
in the PC’s USB cable.

Use the dmesg command to see if that’s your problem.