FreeBSD on BeagleBoard-xm

Hello all,

Does anybody could advice me how to prepare an FreeBSD image from
sources for a Beagle-xM?

I could not find any tutorial or guide to do that.

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According to google...


I have already seen those links.

Maybe a new information: I am not an expert on FreeBSD.

I have experience in Linux, but not with BSD. Even in the workstation.

I’m looking for a tutorial, similar to those that we can find about Linux.

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For general FreeBSD info, the Handbook [1] is very good. Also see
Lucas' Absolute FreeBSD [2]. I own the Lucas book and it's worth



Does this support### AM37x 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 ?the previous bbxm is with omap, and the current is with am37x.

The BBXM has never been built with the AM37xx. It has always been the DM37xx.


Uhmmm. either the bbxm website or you made a mistake:

quote from

What is BeagleBoard-xM?

The $149 MSRP BeagleBoard-xM delivers with the help of its AM37x 1GHz ARM processor,

I believe that the bbxm website made a mistake, since from the manual:

The BeagleBoard-xM processor is the DM3730CBP 1GHz version and comes in a .4mm

pitch POP package.

Have you asked the freeBSD guys? I'd really hope that if they wrote
support for the "bbxm" they support the rev c as that revision has
been out for a few years... At this point it would be pretty stupid of
them not too..


I think I got the answer now. The OMAP3530 and the DM3730 are compatible regarding the software running on it. Therefore, the freeBSD port for omap3530 SHOULD support the current bbxm.

I will keep this updated if I can try on the bbxm.