Freedom - After uploading Micropython - how do you upload

On the Freedom, how does one upload a or file after you’ve flashed it?

I can connect via serial cable, and can program via REPL, but how does one “save” the file?

Following up on this…@jkridner or @RobertCNelson - any pointers on how to achieve this?

Have you had any luck trying to find the actual important information regarding building it?

Did find this and then the trail stops.

This appears to be another “open source” trap since the value part of the code / documentation is not being released to the public. Also did not see or find any mention of the BB, that seems odd too. If you find the valuable docs please post a link to them.

I think you would usually use a tool like ampy or rshell to upload over serial:

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@foxsquirrel - I thought about bundling the inside the firmware, but was hoping for a simpler method.

@jdneal - Thanks for this, its very promising. Perhaps this is the way to go. Away from my board at the moment, but once I return will post results…

Reactivating this thread…

I can’t get either ampy nor rshell to work. Its almost as if there is no “/flash” storage available (or these tools can’t access it). I think the problem is that its running via zephyr and not “bare metal” however thats only a guess.

I do notice there are some Micropython Zephyr specific libraries like “FlashArea” however I can’t seem to get the REPL to return anything useful…