FreeRTOS on Beaglebone Black

Hi, I want to play with my beaglebone black using FreeRTOS and unfortunately I couldn’t find and material to begin with. Can anyone help me out in this regard?

If you search GitHub, you’ll find a few random un-finished ports of FreeRTOS…


I did find it and other relevant repositories. Honestly they are of no use. That’s why I’m reaching out to the community here.

Sorry, i didn’t finish my thought… I agree, the current FreeRTOS is of no use to users today. I think when we launched this board, TI had a StarterWare RTOS, so no one took the time to do an actual FreeRTOS port.
Since that time TI has since pulled that old Starterware RTOS…

Yeah, no good answers for FreeRTOS today…


Have you had a look at the PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-AM335X from Ti ?

I have recently been looking at the PDK for the TDA4VM board and in that one they have examples using FreeRTOS as they have recently dropped their own RTOS. Perhaps they have also updated the PDK for the AM335x chip.