Freertos on pocketbeagle.

I was able to boot freertos on a pocketbeagle by using the following.

1: The port of freertos by dumpram to the beaglebone black. This is on github at
Note that this port using TI’s starterware. I only needed to change some hardcoded file pointers in the makefile.

2: Built a version of MLO that works on the pocketbeagle.

3: Created a SD CARD (4GB) with a Fat file system Put files MLO and APP on the micro card.

I am in process of updating the version of freertos to the latest version. I am also updating to the latest starterware and third party code.

If anyone else is interested in using this, once I have completed the updates I can put this all on Github.


I have pushed the code to Github. It is located at:

This is my first push to Github so I hope I released all that is needed.


Many thanks for the work. Time to play …