Freezing of beaglebone black

Hi ,

Actually, we are using black beaglebone to embed our custom software solution.
Following a production deployment, we have noticed that the black beaglebone is freezing after a random operating time.
After such behavior, the beaglebone is no longer connected to the local network, as well as to the internet.
Log analysis for /var/log/kern.log has shown that “bootloader does not support rtc-only!” and “PM: Hibernation image not present or could not be loaded.”. Please, find attached the logs.
This disconnection is critical for the stability of our project. It required some pertinent feedback ASAP.
Could you please check the logs and give us a detailed answer about the cause & fix that needs to be done ?

Thank you

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It helps to attach teh log file, stick a usb-serial adapter on J1 and please log the serial console, as u-boot will dump reset reasons. How are you powering the board? USB or 5VDC?


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Using USB power supply, 5V 2A

I don't think that might work well. You might do better to use the Coax jack
instead. *Technically* the USB is only good for 500MA, per the USB spec. I
don't know if the BBB imposes that limit or not.

Ok, i’ll use Coax jack and see what happens, is there other raisons for that ?

By the USB2 spec, the device is supposed to start at a 1unit load
(100mA, maybe 125mA), and negotiate for the 500mA load.

  However, charging supplies might provide more at all times or if the
device asks for the high level.

  But yes -- for anything that takes current (if the board is powering
peripherals, and recommended when flashing the eMMC) using the barrel
connector is recommended.

  USB-C connectors (as found on the BB AI), follow a different spec, and
can provide higher power (I believe they have multiple sets of ground and
5V pins).