Fresh install of Debian bookworm. No more usb host to host connection.

Hi. I flashed Debian bookworm and the usb DHCP server doesn’t seem to work. Can anyone point to a how to?

For those that need it all cost, till it’s finally ripped out completly, just open:
/etc/default/bb-boot and disable: USB_RNDIS_DISABLED=yes → #USB_RNDIS_DISABLED=yes

Of course I decided to use netbsd on my raspberry pi. But I do now see two usb devices. I could only find mention of NCM on freebsd. I guess I need to set up a dhcp server. I will look into the mentioned Kea alternative to isc DHCP. Thank you for your response by the way

When the host to host usb worked with Debian buster, the usb on my netbsd showed up as cdce0. Now that I commented out the disable rndis in bb-boot, there is still no cdce0 or urndis0 for that matter