Frustrated trying to do basic things...

I recently acquired a beagleBone Black board. Followed the simple directions to plug it into a USB port on my Win 8.1 PC and a new drive showed up. Yay!

EXCEPT that all files show up as size 0KB except for MLO and the boot image! And they really appear to be 0KB to my computer as i cannot open ANYTHING. Copied the whole contents to a local folder just in case, but also all 0KB.

OK, so I went to and started looking at the getting started area. All good except that every file referred to like BONE_D64.exe or is not there. I get a “link not found” error and, looking at the site, I see that the folders should be in the folder tree, but the folders they would be in, Apps, or Drivers, do not exist!

I have done google searches to find other sources of these files but they all point back to this site!

Interestingly, most file in the folder have a time stamp from last night at 7:20PM which leads me to think that someone may have been restoring files to the site from a backup and missed these folders?

But anyone have any ideas on the 0KB file size I see for the USB mounted disk?

thanks for your help…

Reflash the eMMC.


I just check and BONE_D64.exe linked on the Getting Started page was working and downloaded a 1.1MB file. Gotta love how fast folks fix things.

Because you didn’t say anything about a USB network device which should load up along with the flash memory device I would say reflash to the latest Angstrom image and then see what happens. If you’ve got a Linux distro running in a Virtual Machine you could try that as even the old images worked fine on 2 computers running old(12.04) and new(13.10) versions of Ubuntu.


The "latest" Angstrom image still contains a version of "BONE_D64.exe" that
was before this push:

That push contains a signed driver, very useful for users stuck on



Not sure what your experience is with Linux, and various distro’s etc, but you may be better off getting a copy of Robert’s debian or Ubuntu running on SD card, and then finally putting it on the eMMC if you’re happy with it. There are also several other distro’s working out there as well, including a BSD or two.

It has been my own personal experience that Angstrom is only going to give someone grief. Partly because it does not exactly work very well( in some cases ) and also partly because up to date accurate documentation for it is not exactly easy to find.