FTP to the Beagle

I have flashed my Beagle to a new version and lost all my configurations. I’m used to using SFTP to edit the Beagle files, but now it tells me I don’t have permission to make any changes. What can I do?


Have you tried sudo yet or setting up another user w/ sudo permissions?


Sudo works if I’m using SSH on a terminal. But there’s no way to enter it for SFTP sessions. I’m finding it tedious to edit configuration files with “sudo nano”.

If you are using a sftp communication to transfer files to the BBB, it is allowed.

Please show the exact error when trying to sign in from the dev. desktop via sftp for the BBB.


P.S. For instance, on my dev. desktop, I type sftp debian@192.168.x.xx where .x.xx is the rest of the IP Address for my BBB. Once in sftp “mode,” you can use get or put.

For instance:

I am able to use SFTP to transfer my own user files to the Beagle. But I was trying to edit the “interfaces” file to configure my IP addresses. I am unable to upload an edited “interfaces” file because SFTP doesn’t give me superuser permissions. I was eventually able to edit the file with nano. I decided there must be no way to SFTP such protected files. Is that right?

Hello…okay. I must have misinterpreted what you were saying here.

Did you set up your ssh keys yet? I am not saying this is a 100% cure to the access permissions on the BBB but it may help.

I will try later in the weekend or next week to test it out again. You have a good point. “Can sftp be used to handle sudo needed file exchanging?”


P.S. I will test soon and report my findings. So, just to make sure here, you want to edit the /etc/network/ dir?

Also…here: SSH key management for OpenSSH. Many organizations more SSH keys than they think (even millions). Major risks with SSH keys! NIST guidelines on SSH. . This will prove valuable. The SSH keys and Linux OpenSSH client is vast and has many ideas. I will keep testing. Who knows? We may come up w/ a solution…

Yea so…the ssh keys will give root access to the client at hand. This will allow you to update/delete/whatever your files that need sudo permissions or root permissions. Here: * SSH keys grant privileged access. In one typical major enterprise we found that 10% of all SSH keys granted [root access](https://www.ssh.com/iam/user/root).

Also…I think that will do it!

Yes, I was trying to edit /etc/network/interfaces.

@FilterFeeder ,

Hello…use the sftp if needed instead of nano and load files to the BBB or other family board but first add your ssh key. I listed a page online that shows how to add such a file to your dev. desktop and then use it w/ the BBB or any Linux SBC.