Full HD video out will cause $45 to ???

Will there be cost hike if BBB has got a new chip to accomodate full HD vedeo out?

Well, considering the fact that it will take a whole new processor and a totally new design, I would say yes it will be more than the current $55 price. Right now it can do 1920x1080 @ 24FPS.


Very interestingly Raspberry Pi does. Why BBB can’t. Not sure buyers out there. I’d like to pay a bit more to get full hd support board. But not pi.

RPI processor was designed as a settop box chip many years ago. It has dedicated HW that does not even use the processor to decode video. The AM3358 has no dedicated HW for video decode.

Unless the processor is designed to do something, it generally speaking, cannot do it.


Is there any time frame to release a next major new board version 2 of BBB not version 1.5d/e/f etc?

Do you have plan to build another board based on AM443X chip ?

There is a new version in the works but it is not a BBB type of board. Nowhere even close.

No to the AM443X.


On the available now side, you could just pick up the panda board...
The am443x owes some of it's heritage to the omap4.


as far as I know am447x does not support HW decoders like H264, so what’s the point in chasing to the new chip? I’d prefer imx6q as it supports 4 simultaneous displays connection as well as HW encoders/decoders. Even the solo version costs less than am3358 with all that HW encoding/decoding stuff

Hello, McFly, the imx6q is not a TI part.