FW: ARM Events - ARM TechCon3: Workshops and Seminar at Techmart

I just learned that ARM is giving a hands-on workshop on the BeagleBoard next week. J

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ARM Events - ARM TechCon3: Workshops and Seminar at Techmart

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As an engineer I have this insatiable desire to learn more about new technology and now that I took that red pill and went into marketing I get to tell everyone about it. In addition to the great seminars and workshops at TechCon3 this year, there are additional opportunities do a deep dive into some technologies that ARM offers, one of these is the NEON workshop. If you aren’t familiar with NEON (No we aren’t making those colorful signs), well here is the opportunity to learn about single instruction multiple data (SIMD) on the ARM Cortex-A family of application processors. ARM is conducting a hands-on workshop using the now famous Beagleboards and will dive into some low level software optimization techniques using ARM compilers. If this peaks your interest there are two opportunities to take advantage of Wednesday, Oct 21st from 3:00 to 4:00 pm at the Techmart (attached to the Santa Clara Convention Center) and on Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Both sessions will be held in the San Jose room.

It seems every week there is an ARM partner announcing a new part or family of parts based on a member of the ARM Cortex-M family. So what is all this Cortex-M stuff about and why is it so popular? This year at TechCon3 there are three additional opportunities to find out just why the Cortex-M family is growing so rapidly in the microcontroller space. The first is an all day Cortex-M workshop on Wednesday the 21st. This workshop goes through the architectural features of the Cortex-M family, how they build on one another and how ARM has built in advanced architectural and debug features to make implementing these microcontrollers in your design much easier. The second is and workshop advanced debug and optimization techniques for Cortex-M based systems. This workshop will teach you about the new debug and trace features and how to use them in Cortex-M devices to save you time in the development of your design. The third is a seminar on the Microcontroller Prototyping System (MPS) by ARM. This platform allows a design engineer access to Cortex-M cores and other IP to test and evaluate their custom Cortex-M based system before it goes to silicon.

For more information and to sign up for any of these workshops or the seminar go to …

ARM Cortex Microcontroller Workshop
Oct 21, 2009

ARM NEON Workshop
Oct 21, 2009

ARM Microcontroller Advance Debug Techniques Workshop
Oct 22, 2009

ARM Microcontroller Prototyping System Seminar
Oct 22, 2009 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

ARM NEON Workshop
Oct 23, 2009

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