Game Pup cape for Pocket Beagle has no examples that I can find !

All Pocket Beagle programmers…

I have asked everywhere for a while but am getting nowhere.

“Has anyone found or written code for the GHI Game Pup cape for Pocket Beagle that uses the display ?”

GHI has no support contracted or provided as they just supply the hardware for
I have tried chat and email to addresses that appear to be active but after two weeks no one has answered my plea.

Is THIS the place to ask or am I lost in the ozone of new products for Pocket Beagle with no software to begin using ?

My application is a Midi Juke Box that connects the USB to an Akai MPK mini play (for example) and uses aplaymidi from the microSD which
is selected by buttons and display on the LCD screen (160x128).

Also it will route Midi USB with aconnect while being battery powered.

I also want to use the MP3 Click to play General Midi and convert MID files.

I am not a programmer and want to use standalone non-Visual Studio tool chain.
Ideally it would be with Node.JS as it is already configured for bone101.

I have tried the UI that is the web interface and can blink lights and simple stuff.
That tool has no development or scripting abilities.

Thanks in advance for responding.
Lee T. Davy
Retired with too much time and too many toys…

Any updates with this board? I am wanting to use it for a project but am hitting a wall controlling the display.

I am getting a display as a login screen correctly with IoT img by manually editing and including this overlay line in boot/uEnv.txt on uSD.
After boot I can login as debian via ssh or display with USB keyboard.

Game Pup overlay on Workshop image


The e-ale workshop img has a different font but also gives the etc/issue login message and with keyboard I can login.
YouTube e-ale 2018 is very informative for learning about the BaconBits variation called TechLab but nothing related to GamePup display.

Not sure yet what a full graphical desktop LQXT img would do with 128x160 display (which is using this spec)

Not sure where you are hung “talking” to screen.
I am learning using the co-product TechLab which has no screen with only one Pocket beagle between them.
I will be ordering another with fresh separate uSD using “latest Image” for IoT and LQXT from .

Wish me luck and stay tuned.
I am using Linux Ubuntu Studio 19.04 host and have set it as internet portal / sharing to USB Pocketbeagle “gadget”.
My way is different than described and is hard coded to the serial number of the Pocket Beagle with individually host renamed for DNS in browser.
I also hard code in etc/hosts as static IP.
I will have two devices simultaneously networked on USB hub.
One TechLab and one GamePup.

Thanks for the response, Lee.

I am using the bone-debian-9.5-iot-armhf-2018-10-07 image on my PocketBeagle. I have the overlay enabled which you can see in this screenshot below


But when I look at the physical device I only see the backlight on, no terminal.


Even if I try to use fbi to display an image I get nothing so I’m a little confused. Not sure how I can determine if this is hardware fault as you had zero trouble with yours.


I remember I modified the TechLab IMG (below) for GamePup to make uSD image work with display and not sure I had originally tested with IOT.

My original IMG was (like you) from last spring on Pocket Beagle before I had Game Pup and Tech Lab.
I am as confused as you so I am starting with workshop IMG to view and understand the process used to make an embedded IMG work.

Started at then switched between capes.

I have been watching and reading the stuff at the link (above) to

Embedded Apprentice Linux Engineer seminars

Also I will order another PB for mating to GamePup exclusively for re-flashing tests.

I also tried the TechLab IMG on GamePup and got a login screen on GamePup.