GateOne SSH Client useful or not?

From: Simon Monk <>
Date: Thursday, August 1, 2013 10:02 AM
To: "" <>
Subject: Re: [beagle-alpha] GateOne SSH Client useful or not?

I certainly do!

I use Macs and Linux daily. Don't have a working Windows machine anymore.

Nobody likes being excluded.

Everything I write now, has to be paralleled for Windows, Mac and Linux.
People expect that all three should be supported. There are a lot of us Mac
uses out there.


BTW, tty.js "just works", but I understand if folks just want to push
console ssh + putty. Personally, I think completing a web-based suite is
important in today's environment, despite the fact I'd rarely use it myself.
I hardly use Cloud9 IDE myself either, but it really lowers the barriers
compared to Eclipse, vim, etc. --- but it really needs native gcc build
support. :frowning:

And it needs to work. I've found the Gate One SSH client to fail more
than it works. But perhaps we can fix it.

We're using a very outdated version, the most recent version works everywhere, but has a different config file format. Patches to meta-openembedded to updated gateone and make it work are always welcome of course.

While writing Getting Started with BeagleBone, I didn’t mention GateOne since it felt a little flakey. I also wanted to take the time to show readers how to make an SSH connection since that’s knowledge that can apply to many platforms.