General questions about the BeagleBoard Black

can you help me answering these questions:

Is it possible to use the BBB to do the following operations:

-generate a signal with the PWM modulation
-read 2 analog signals with the ADC converter

-generate an analog signal with a DAC converter

I am new on this board and I would like to understand if it is possible to do those operations!

I saw the features of the Sitara, and it says there is an ADC of 12 bit of resolution, but I cannot understand if it possible to access to it from the BBB. Furthermore I don’t see a DAC, so or I use a PWM as a DAC, or can I link to the BBB an external DAC?

Thank you very much!


  1. yes, but depends on precision you need. Any way you can use PRUISS to achieve any PWM precision

  2. yes

  3. no DAC integrated

you can connect I2C DAC or any other

Thank you for the answer!

Do you know where I can find some example on interfacing the BBB on external devices (like DAC) via I2C or SPI?

Do the software for Beaglebone works also for the beaglebone black?


  1. probably the easiest way is to buy this board and upgrade it to what you need

  2. yes