Gentoo on beaglev

I was having issues on gentoo as x11-themes/adwaita-icon-theme would not install.
I posted a bug report on the gentoo bug section and was told that it was a duplicate of a reports a few months before.
The bug has to do with the svg not being readeable on riscv64 despite the fact that the library was installed.

In the past few days there was a report that switching to profile 20 from 17 should fix the problem. It did not fix the problem
I did find a solution though. I created a new ebuild for gnome-base/librsvg using version 2.51.3. I also updated x11-themes/adwaita-icon-theme to use the latest commit.
I think that the change to librsvg was the key.

I have the mate desktop and lightdm compiled. I need to double check that all the xorg support is there.

I have a working freepascal and will compile lazarus
I will then test on the beaglev and publish an image if everything works fine

I will post a message when I have some updates

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I have posted a rootfs on my website with instructions. The locale is fr_CA so if you cannot read French you may want to change the locale and keyboard. The keyboard is cf which is the Québec keyboard, not the bilingual one used by English Canadians who need to write French as well as English.
There is an autologin so you can either go to the command line and login or use the mate terminal.
On my 4k monitor the mate terminal displays virtually invisible text, if you have the same issue you can change the settings for the terminal to not use the system default.
You may want to disable the lock on the mate-screensaver since the unlock doesn’t work with the correct password. sudo is not installed so you need to log as root.
I have enabled the ssh login as root. Login for the user is suzie and password for both root and user is suzie.
I have instructions on my website on how to change the locale. I have support for French, Spanish, English and Chinese so if your language is not one of those you need to add some other ones in /etc/locale.gen and run locale-gen
You may also want to add the new one in make.conf

This is work in progress, as I fix issues I will publish updates.
If you get locked out by the buggy screensaver, just click on change user and login again using the login suzie with password suzie. You then go in the pulldown menu and disable the lock for the screensaver.

That bug was supposed to be fixed a while ago.

It was a busy weekend and I ran out of time. I will publish another rootfs, one that use the English US locale later this coming week.