Gentoo on BeagleY-AI

I should get my BeagleY-AI tomorrow.
I plan to install gentoo on it.

Is there a pinmux file available?
Is the video support open source or binary blobs like on the 32 ti processors (DRA726 and similar) ?

Gentoo has a generic package for arm64
I would create the image with chroot
I would install MATE
Does xorg works correctly or is wayland the only way to have fast video?
I am not sure if MATE supports wayland with no xorg.


Wayland is good, however it does not play well with FLTK. It also lacks being able to have remote access of the gui on the target. I run weston compositor and GTK3 is fine and GTK 4 is slow. About all you can do is try them out and find what works and what does not work.

For quick bootup, create 2 partitions, fat32 (1 256MB ) and ext4 (2 FULL).

In fat32 copy these files: beagley-ai · main · / boot-firmware · GitLab

For the device-tree, grab this branch:

git clone -b v6.1.x-Beagle
cd ./BeagleBoard-DeviceTrees/
make -j4

Grab ./src/arm64/ti/k3-am67a-beagley-ai.dtb

Copy that into fat under ./ti/

Create ./extlinux/extlinux.conf in fat.

menu title BeagleY-AI microSD (extlinux.conf)

timeout 50

default microSD (default)

label microSD (debug)
    kernel /Image
    append console=ttyS2,115200n8 earlycon=ns16550a,mmio32,0x02800000 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro rootfstype=ext4 rootwait net.ifnames=0
    fdtdir /
    fdt /ti/k3-am67a-beagley-ai.dtb
    initrd /initrd.img

label microSD (default)
    kernel /Image
    append console=ttyS2,115200n8 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 ro rootfstype=ext4 rootwait net.ifnames=0 quiet
    fdtdir /
    fdt /ti/k3-am67a-beagley-ai.dtb
    #fdtoverlays /overlays/<file>.dtbo
    initrd /initrd.img

main: bb-u-boot-beagley-ai/suite/bookworm/debian/microsd-extlinux.conf · main · / repos-arm64 · GitLab

From Gentoo, you need /Image (uncompressed) and optional /initrd.img

Make sure you have the RPI Debug cable, so you can see what happens over the serial log, i’m not expecting Gentoo’s base kernel to have all the k3/j722s enable-ments…


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I do not have an adapter for my 1TB SSD to use on USB so I will be using chroot using the debian installation.

There were a few weird things when I powered up the device. I could see no display on the screen. I have it connected to HDMI2 on my 4K monitor.
HDMI1 is connected to my Mac Studio M2 and Display Port to Beaglebone AI-64

I connected the RPI debugger device to serial. I had to change my default for PuTTY from /dev/ttyUSB0 to ttyACM0. RPI has always been weird on that one …

The big issue I have on the serial is that if I edit anything using joe editor, when I exit the screen access is dramatically reduced. It must think that I am on a VIC 20 or TRS80.
Is that a debian issue? I don’t remember ever having that issue with Funtoo or Gentoo.

Are there any plan to support UEFI boot? It would be nice if I could also install SuSE,Arch and Fedora at some point.


Did you set your password thru ‘sysconf.txt’ in the fat boot partition, or first time over serial?

If you did it thru the serial login:

sudo systemctl enable --now lightdm.service

That’s normal over serial, just ssh in to make your life easier!

Just whatever UEFI emulation u-boot does today.

Basic J722S support just landed in u-boot ‘next’ branch… Commits · u-boot/u-boot · GitHub But before i can submit our BeagleY-AI support, i need to get it merged in linux next first.

When I couldn’t see anything on the display I suspected that it might not be enabled. It did looked like it booted because the leds were flashing normally.

I connected the little RPI debug modules and used PuTTY on Gentoo.
Interesting part with Gentoo, they have full support for ARM64

I figured that out with lightdm, it was installed but not enabled. I do all the work with ssh so that is not that important at this time.
I enabled the lightdm to see what resolution it had, it is not 4k or is it just the driver not supporting a higher resolution?

I see OLDI that would have a higher resolution but there doesn’t seem to be any OLDI monitor available anywhere. Are there adapter boards available to convert to HDMI or Display Port with the proper connector?

Do you use wayland or xorg for your desktop?


The default desktop is xfce, which hasn’t been ported to Wayland yet.

We played around with cinnamon 6.0. + Wayland with these images… Index of /rootfs/debian-arm64-12-bookworm-cinnamon-v6.1-ti

It’s not ready, watching Debian they merged in cinnamon 6.2 so will be testing again…

I got a gentoo to work on the BeagleY-AI but it didn’t recognize the display. I probably would need a custom gentoo kernel. Not a priority for now, I have the debian installation move to a 1TB SSD.

I got my 7 inch display to work nicely with it, including the touch screen.

I found that it doesn’t fit metal case I found on amazon, I will have to create my own. It is not as simple as beaglebone ai-64 where I just had to add a top for the 5 CAN connectors.


I have debian on it but I am running out of space after I installed a things, MATE, QT Designer and lazarus, can it work with a SSD like the BeagleeY-AI?

This Beaglebone AI-64 gets very hot, is there a heathsink with a fan that would fit on it?