Get a Cape design manufactured by ? (CircuitCo?)


I have engineered a Beaglebone/BBB compatible Cape for Home-Automation offering interfaces to KNX, Enocean and Onewire (4x) - the first two being especially popular in Europe. Having built and sold two runs with the second run of ten prototypes having no issues on both BB and BBB I would like to have it manufactured and offered to a broader audience. Thanks to legislation in Germany it is quite a big hassle to meet all requirements to sell it on my own.

I somehow remember there once was a call where ten cape designs were selected for manufacturing by CircuitCo? Is there still some opportunity like this around?

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Well, I suggest you ask Circuitco.


circuitco is not currently accepting any new clients for cape manufacturing…


if you pay for 1k, then CCO will accept it just like any other PCBA. IMHO


circuitco is not even accepting “for pay” cape clients currently…