Get logitech camera support to beagle board - Angstrom OS

Hello All,
I am new beagle board...I have downloaded the resp. MLO,U-boot-bin &
rest of the binaries on beagle board through a SD card. The board
booted well with Angstrom OS. I tried connecting Logitech Camera to it
using USB host port. But, After boot up i dont find any driver getting
loaded for it, as well as i dont find any entry in video capture list
i.e /dev/video1...for the digital camera connected as such..
Please, let me know how do I proceed to add Logitech camera support to
Angstrom OS i.e. the beagle board.

Thanks in advance.

Amol Borawake

Hello AmolB,
  Welcome to the BeagleBoard. You have much ahead of you.
Have you tried searching this list? There is
much posted regarding your exact issue.

Don Lewis

Don Lewis

thanks for giving me reply.....
I have gone thr those links ...but actully when i connect logitech
camera to board on usb host port
its giving me this error :
hub 1-0:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 2

and no usb camera detected log is present.
I hope it requires some drivers viz.uvcvideo on your machine....but
those are not present on my linux.
From where i can get this drivers & how do i install on angstrom os.
thanks again....

Amol Borawake

Hello Amol,
   I have tested my webcams (non uvc) Logitech /Cool with kernel
If you get 2.6.29 from
Pick up the stable, MLO, uImage and
first tar the stable to the ext2 partition and after tar the modules.
    If you are running 2.6.28 there is little download support.

Hello Amol, I have been trying to keep this discussion on the list
so that others might use the information. Yes you need a powered usb
2.0 hub between the BB and your camera. The webcams draw a lot
of power.

Don Lewis

I tested my Logitech Cool camera on the Beagle Board, By including the USH 2.0 High speed HUB between board and camera. Because, Host support only HS , not FS and LS.

After that lsusb display the camera Vendor ID and Product ID.

with regards,