Getting Beagleboard Angstrom with GUI and GStreamer working

BeagleBoard Mailing list.

I’ve acquired a BeagleBoard-xM and I’m trying to get a custom build of Angstrom on it with xfce and GStreamer working. I’ve been following the instructions on Trey Weaver’s Blog about putting Angstrom onto the BeagleBoard. and I used the narcissus angstrom image builder to make an angstrom build with XFCE and GStreamer.

The SD card I created boots, but it boots into a Console and doesn’t bring up a GUI. Furthermore, when I try to run a gstreamer pipeline the console returns /dev/cmem can’t be found. What can be done to fix these two problems? Do I need to select more, different, things on the narcissus page?

What I selected, which was different from the defaults on the Narcissus page were,

  • BeagleBoard for my rootfs image

  • I selected advanced options

  • Selected extended for the base system

  • Selected X11 for window environment

  • Selected XFCE for desktop enviroment

  • Selected Gstreamer

  • Selected Gstreamer GLES Plugin

  • Selected Bootloader Files (x-load/u-boot/scripts)

  • Texas Instruments Gstreamer plugins

Is there anything I’m missing that may be necessary?

I would appreciate any help.