Getting component video into BB

Hi All,

I have a project I am working on that requires that I be able to get component video into the BB. I then need to be able to display that video on my Macintosh. All I need to do is to be able to view the video in a window - I don’t need to be able to capture it.

Has anyone done this? Is the “right” way to get video onto the BB board via a component video to USB converter? Is it better to get that video ported into the HDMI input somehow? I have seen HDMI to component converters, but not the other way around.

This will be my first project, so apologies if I am missing something really basic here.

Any help appreciated.


Which board are you asking about?


I was asking about the beagle board black. It looks like the most effective way to do what I want.

Also, I now realize that the HDMI on the board is an output, not an input (Duh). So I would need to convert component video into USB to get it into the beagle board.

So here is what I am trying to accomplish. We are testing a box (Lets call it ‘TheBox’) that outputs component video. We need to get the video from that box piped into a Mac . TheBox has software on it that users can interact with using a hand held remote. We want to get the video output from TheBox onto the desktop of a Mac so that we can then automate testing of TheBox and use other tools to verify that we are on the correct screen, being shown the correct interface, etc. We have already solved the need to emulate the handheld remote and now need to iron out the issue of getting the video onto the Mac reliably. We then created scripted tests and let them run.

Yes, I realize there are lots of solutions out there. We have tried tons of them. Reliability has been the main issue we keep hitting. We tried a blackmagic capture box, and some other solutions but all have failed in one way or another. The options that look most likely to work cost over $600 a pop, and we think we can get that ability by rolling our own with BB or Raspberry Pi and keep costs under control.


The more I think about this, the more I like the idea of the BeagleBone Black actually taking the component video input, then IP streaming that video. This opens doors to come cool remote access options for managing the testing setup without being in the room with it.


What resolution and frame rate are we talking about here?


So the video it is going to get via the component input will be in 16:9 720p HD.

The higher the better as the system we will be using to identify screen elements to verify displayed items works best with higher resolutions. We have done testing at the resolution above and found it to work well for this. If any of you have worked with a testing tool called sikuli, you know what I am talking about.


Hi all!, Your project succeeded yet?

I have an idea BB was communicating with analog camera and 7 inch display. Camera with standard composite video output. Screen displays with HDMI inputs.

BB does not have RCA inputs so I have found a conversion card “FEBON 100 UVC USB CVBS”.

please help me how to BB may receive data from camera.