Getting DSP Bridge running on BeagleBoard xm with Kernel 3.5.7

Hello all,

Currently I am trying to get the DSP running on DM3730 with a linux kernel 3.5.7 and the DSP Bridge driver.

I use this explanation: and I can get the DSP-Bridgedriver running and I can get the examples running if I use the prebuilt binaries.

But when I try to compile the binaries from myself with these sources: git://, I get an error „DSPNode_Create failes 0xffffff… (do currently not know the last two numbers of the error).

I saw that in the file .tci there is for example the uuid of nodes used. I don not completly understand the use oft he .tci files and the tool tconf, but I suspect, that there are some settings done that I do not set correctly.

As others got it to run with the same sources, there must be an error in my configuration. Is there anybody who got it to run and can help me?