Getting Touch Events to work using BeagleBoard xM ULCD7 Angstrom and JavaFX

Hi All,

I know that this thread is old but I didn’t find an answer yet.

I have a similar issue. I’m using a Raspberry PI and a Lilliput 619AT 7" resistive touchscreen. The touchdriver is eGalax.
It’s working well on X11 but when I run my JAVAFX application, my software can’t get the touch events.

Running my app over SSH, and doing “cat /dev/input/event4” I can see that the touch events are being triggered, because it shows on the terminal some stuff every time I touch the screen on my JAVAFX app. So, I think the problem is that my JAVA app can’t identify or read this events.

Do you guys have any ideia on how to solve it?

Thank you,

Sergio Soares