Getting windows code 37 error while installing CDC serial driver.

Hi, I am facing issue while installing driver for beaglebone black rec c. I have recently bought it and today thought of starting with it. I plugged board with usb to my laptop (64 bit), I ran the BONE_D64.exe setup. It started installing the drivers. After that I got successful installation of drivers. When I tried to connect bbb with putty , it gave error that “Unable to open connection to COM3”. When I checked in device manager and properties of Gadget Serial (COM3), the following was written in the device status “Windows cannot initialize the device driver for this hardware. (Code 37)”.

Hi, I have been able to resolve this issue. It came out that it was the problem from my pc side and nothing to do with beaglebone black. I made fresh install of my windows and then while installing drivers everything went smoothly and no code 37 error this time. So if you face similar issue, you can always check your beaglebone by installing drivers in some other reliable system whose files are not corrupted and if the drivers are installing properly then it is the computer issue which need to be factory reset. Maybe why I was getting this issue could be due to some other software that might have corrupted port drivers or something like that. Its difficult to exactly point out the reason of fault but only solution in such cases is the possible reset of the system :frowning: