gig ethernet

Has anybody had any issues connecting a beaglebone to a gig switch ?
We plugged a unit into a trendnet 4 port gig switch and the beaglebone
does a reboot over and over. I traced it to R137 connecting ethernet port
pins 5 and 4 to VDD_PHYA which is the beaglebone VDD_3V3B through an inductor
shorting out the supply.

It seems to me that the switch should not do this.
Unfortunately the unit is 2000 miles away.

any thoughts ?

Is that a POE switch? Or a POE port being used on the switch.
That could make bad things happen.
I run all my Beagles on a Cisco Gb managed switch without problems.
Of course they negotiate back to 100 Mb.
— Graham

Not a POE device. Besides POE is supposed to never apply power unless the device says it can handle power
I have a POE switch and the BBB connects fine.

I ordered a trendnet switch it will be here today and we will see.